How much?

Getting exactly the portraits you want is a big deal to us.
What you ultimately select for your finished images is entirely dependent on you. We recognize that everyone has different portrait needs based on personal desires, family, friends and budget.

Some studios try to make you buy one of their packages to fit your needs. We think it should be the other way around. At Creative Portraits, if you want one photo for yourself, a different one for Grandma and some wallets for your friends, you can get just that. If you need lots of images for yourself and to give away, that’s what you can get. Minimum orders? Many studios have them, frankly because the quality of their work doesn’t support the prices they charge. At Creative Portraits, you get what you want. Period.

You may choose our Create Your Own Package with units starting at $48.95 and going as low as $16.67. Basic packages range from $76 to $276, or you can get all-inclusive packages beginning at $335 that include a full range of gift portraits, wall images, frames, photo books, collages, wallets and even graduation announcements. Some seniors spend $1000.00, and some spend $200.00—but what you get is up to you!


Tyler McKee

“I came to Rapid Photo because it’s the most popular picture place.  My advice to an upcoming senior thinking that a snapshot is good enough, don’t do it! Getting them professionally done is worth the time and money.  I wasn’t expecting my session to be as fun as it was. I liked the creativity with each and every pose.  My portraits are me, my style.  I really would not change anything.”


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