Breanna Womble

“Creativity thrives through the veins of Rapid Photo. I liked the complexity Rick used when taking my photos, he always kept my best interest in mind and shapes the photo to the best version of me! My session was professional, yet fun and exciting all at once, definitely an experience I will never forget! Not only does Rick tell a story through a picture, he tells YOUR story.”

PARENT:  “My daughter not only had fun, but each picture portrayed my daughter to the best version of her, and had her personality peeking through them as well.  Such a great experience, thank you Rapid Photo!”











Brandon Baird

“My session was great!  Quick and painless.  I liked how each picture was different and not all the same.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I would tell an upcoming senior to look into it, because there is a big difference between professional and someone with a camera.”

PARENT:  “I thought it was wonderful that Rick came to my in-laws house on the lake to take pictures, and he did a great job working with Brandon, who was not excited to have his picture taken.  Rick did my daughter’s senior pictures 2 years ago and they turned out beautiful…Brandon’s are equally beautiful!  Thank you!”










Christie Parker

“The photography at Rapid Photo has some unique lighting effects. My session was very organized and professional.  Rick wanted to see the outfits I brought so he could customize the photo shoot.  He quickly set up the lightning and background and knew exactly how to instruct me for the poses.  It was fun to play dress up & be treated like a Superstar! Senior pictures are a once in a lifetime thing!”

PARENT: “I was impressed by Rick’s ability to pose my daughter.  Teenage girls seem to use two poses every time they take a photo.  It was nice that he didn’t rely on her to pose.  She looked beautiful and so grown up going through this process.  It brought tears to my eyes to watch.  Thank you!”










Mitchell Strong


“Rapid Photo has done my school and sports pictures before and I have seen other senior pictures done by you and liked them.  I liked your studio setups and the circle light that emphasizes your eyes to make them look cool.  My session was a fun time with a funny photographer and liked the spots picked out for my senior pictures. I thought the session was great.  I would get senior pictures done at Rapid Photo again if I had a chance.”

PARENT: “Being our first time doing senior pictures, I like that the photographer suggested pretty cool places (shots).”











Molly McNutt


“I came to your studio because I was familiar with Rapid Photo’s work from school occasions and was always super satisfied with my photos.  I liked the really cool big circle with lights all around it that made the photos look very unique.  During my session I felt very comfortable and had a fun time.  Rick Zack knew exactly what he was doing and was very professional. I would tell other seniors that they should get their photos done professionally because otherwise they are missing out on what an experienced photographer brings to the table with knowledge on lighting and poses.  You are really good at what you do!”

PARENT: “I liked the fact that there was a lot of variety of photos and it was all done very expertly.”


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