Abby Carlson

“My session was fun, stress-free, and made for a fun senior year entrance.  I loved the ring of lights used to enhance my eyes.  I liked the way Rick encouraged me to be myself.  My advice would be that your senior year is your last year of high school and it should be fun and memorable; your senior pictures should reflect that!  Thank you!”

PARENT:  “I loved the poses that Abby had taken with her letterman’s jacket.  I liked that there was such a variety of backgrounds and settings. “











Hailey Brecker

“The thing I liked about your studio was how clear the images were compared to others.  I loved the ring light!  My session was very fun and relaxing!  I wasn’t nervous at all and I felt very comfortable.  I loved the different backgrounds and how realistic they looked for being in a studio.  I felt very confident about how I looked as well.  You are only a senior one time.  Senior year flies by so fast and having great pictures to later look back on will make you happy that you were able to capture the great moments.”

PARENT:  “The backgrounds chosen were a great match; especially loved the rustic barn door.  Rick made out first session fun and relaxing.  I liked that he put so much thought into each background chosen to match my daughter’s outfits.”










Natalie Fioritto

“Both of my siblings got their portraits done by Rapid Photo.  Rapid Photo really makes sure that every session is unique and always stays up-to-trend.  My session was so easy and so much fun!!  It felt natural.  I liked that my portraits don’t look crazy edited.  They really look like me and are great quality.  I wouldn’t change anything!  I loved my session.  A senior snapshot is definitely not good enough.  You need a high quality portrait.”

PARENT: “I like the variety of backgrounds and poses & facial expression.  This allows me to have a bunch of options when choosing which photos to order.  Rapid Photo staff is always helpful, friendly & professional.”










Elena Logan


 “I came to Rapid Photo because of saw some portraits that you took that looked good.  I liked the ring-eye effect and the creative pictures and poses.  My session was fun.  It made me feel like a model.  I would advise seniors to have your portraits taken by a professional for a clear image and the quality that you like.”











Kayla Bertholf


“I liked the ring light.  My session was very fun and an overall enjoyable experience.  I liked the different backgrounds and locations.  I would not change anything.  I would give seniors the advice that professionally done portraits look more professional and therefore better, and that professional portraits have poses and shots that are more recognizable in the future.”

PARENT: “The photographer’s patience and willingness to travel to make the senior portraits special.”


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