Why Book a Session with Us

Why book a session with us?

You will have more choices.
At Creative Portraits, you choose exactly the photography you want. There are seven completely different session styles that allow you to select the photographic look that fits your personality.

You will have more variety.
We work very hard to create images that don’t look like everybody else’s. In fact, you can bring in photos you like from magazines, CD jackets and Web sites to get portraits unique only to you!

You will have more fun.
The real focus is on having a great time during your session. Your photographer, Rick Zack knows how to make you feel completely at ease in front of the camera.

Because if you feel comfortable, you’ll look terrific!

By definition, a professional is engaged full time in earning a living doing his or hers profession. Part-timers, amateurs and friends or family members who have a ‘good camera’ are not professionals. They simply do not have the experience, the equipment, the technical knowledge or the talent to make you look your very best.

Rick knows how to make even the most camera-shy senior feel relaxed and look good. He has spent decades refining his technique so that the slightest tip of the head, adjustment of the light or turn of the shoulder can make the difference between a mere snapshot and a stunning portrait.

Amateurs (and even many professionals) don’t understand these fine points. They can take your snapshots—but you should never trust them to take your senior portraits. You’re only going to do this once, so do it right: with Creative Portraits by Rapid Photo!


Crystal Rawlins

“I chose Rapid Photo because I liked what I saw at our school presentation. I needed senior pictures and having professional pictures taken is a senior experience. I liked the way Rick took advantage of the natural sunlight to create unique shadows in my portraits. My session was very wonderful and a great experience, I had no clue what I was doing before and Rick talked me through the session which made it a blast!”

PARENTS: “I liked the different poses and props, and the way Rick used the surroundings for better effects. Rick is very friendly, explained everything very well, and the studio was nice and clean!”

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